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What Color Sandstone We Have ?

Aug 17, 2018

The sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of various sand cementation and the particle diameter of 0.05-2mm, the sand content is greater than 50%, stable structure, usually pale brown or red, mainly containing silicon, calcium, iron oxide and clay. Most sandstones are composed of quartz or feldspar. 

beige sandstone

Morphological character

Sandstone is formed by accumulation of weathering, denudation and transportation in the source rocks. Rock consists of two parts: clastic and interstitial. Detrital minerals are quartz, feldspar, muscovite, calcite, clay minerals, dolomite, chlorite, chlorite and so on. Interstitial material consists of two components: cement and clastic base. The common cements are siliceous and carbonate cementation; the base component mainly refers to finer clay or silty sand that is deposited simultaneously with the debris.

yellow sandstone 

Distribution and feature editing


The sandstone is a sedimentary rock is composed of stone through water erosion sedimentation in the river, after thousands of years of accumulation and strong. Because of the earth's crust movement, the formation of today's mine. Although the China sandstone breed is very much, but the Lord is concentrated in Sichuan, Yunnan and Shandong, this is the three major producing areas, Chinese sandstone and Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi etc. also, but the product is not high visibility, small influence.

yellow wooden sandstone


The characteristics of sandstone, sound insulation, moisture absorption, anti damage, outdoor weathering, water does not dissolve, no moss, easy cleaning, etc..  Advantages of sandstone:

The advantages of sandstone is a kind of high-quality natural stone light pollution, no radiation, no radiation damage on the human body. It is moisture-proof, anti slip, sound absorption, light absorption, tasteless, no radiation, no fading, warm in winter and cool in summer, warm and elegant; compared with wood, no crack, no deformation, no decay, no fading. Simple installation of the product, as long as the marble glue can make carving products can be fixed on the wall, and wood decoration organic connection, other background space to play better, to overcome the traditional stone complicated installation and reduce installation cost. Decorated houses do not need to be added to other processes and paint, so they can be directly installed on the wall.

The materials, decorative materials, a warm, elegant and warm, harmonious and luxurious; with stone texture, wood texture, and spectacular landscape painting, rich colors, close to nature, simple and elegant, unique in many of the stone is called "Li Shi beauty". 

red sandstone

Sandstone classification editor

It is a terrigenous clastic rock whose grain size is from 2 to 0.0625mm and accounts for more than 50% of all clastic grains.

Classification by diameter

According to the diameter of sand grain sandstone is divided into: (2 ~ 1mm), coarse sandstone (1 ~ 0.5mm) and sandstone (0.5 ~ 0.25mm), fine sandstone (0.25 ~ 0.125mm), sand particles (0.125 ~ 0.0625mm), above the sandstone, the corresponding size should be more than 50%.

Classification by rock type

According to the rock (mineral) classification: quartz sandstone (quartz content and various silicolites accounted for more than 95% of the total level of sand cuttings) and miscellaneous quartz sandstone, feldspar sandstone (detrital composition is mainly quartz and feldspar, quartz and feldspar content of less than 75%, more than 18.75%) and long stone complex sandstone and lithic sandstone (debris in the quartz content is lower than 75%, debris content is generally greater than 18.755, the ratio is greater than 3) / lithic feldspar and lithic graywacke.

white sandstone

Application instance editor

Sandstone is the most widely used stone in human, its noble and elegant temperament, natural and environmental characteristics, achievements in the architectural history of wonderful flowers. Hundreds of years ago by sandstone decorated Louvre, British palace, The United States Capitol, Harvard University, Notre Dame de Paris is still very beautiful, classical forever.

In the past, sandstone was very difficult to use in construction, because the cutting machine and processing machinery were relatively backward in the quarry. In recent years, these conditions have improved, and gradually to the highest level of professional knowledge, according to customer requirements for color, to provide customers with high quality products. Sandstone can be widely used. Some people even think, "people can think of, it can be used."

Black sandstone

Half slabs
2400up x 700up mm
2400up x 600up mm
Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm,


Cut to size : 400x200mm, 600x300mm, 300x300mm or as per your requrest .
Container Capacity (27 tons): 300 m2 of thickness 30mm ; 470 m2 of thickness 20mm