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What Does Windowsill Mea

Mar 22, 2019

What Does Windowsill Mea

Windowsill refers to the flat part holding the window frame.Windowsill design makes windowsill more beautiful, beautiful.The action of windowsill is to eliminate the rainwater that leaves along window face, prevent its infiltration wall body and along window seam infiltration indoor, avoid rainwater to pollute exterior metope at the same time.

For window sills:

1. Marble
Marble should be the first selection of windowsill board, but premise is the colour and lustre grain that chooses is more ideal.The advantage of marble windowsill board is color beauty, grain is diversiform, mesa can prevent the rainwater that splash falls.

2. Granite
Granitic grain basically gives priority to with grain shape, colour and lustre also has a variety of.Its colour and texture are inferior to marble, but harder and more durable.     

3, artificial stone
Artificial stone hardness is high, wear-resisting is able to row is able to bear high temperature, green environmental protection, avirulent insipidity does not have radiation, and design and color is more, class is high, can maintain good smooth degree for a long time.

4, composite acrylic
The biggest advantage of acrylic is that it can do any shape, and its seamless splicing technology can not be replaced by any other material.At the same time, acrylic heat conduction is slow. When there are large bay Windows in the room, sitting in the window under the sun in winter is warm and cozy, which is really a kind of enjoyment.The downside is that too much solid acrylic may turn yellow due to long-term exposure to sunlight.

5, wood
Wood Mosaic can reflect the simple wood texture, highlight the natural atmosphere.It feels warm.But the defect of the wood is cannot do modelling, of edge horn sealing an edge is a big difficult problem, plank itself is easy to be out of shape below the long-term illuminate of sunshine craze.

2black window sill