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What Headstones Last The Longer

Jun 28, 2018

If you want the headstones to last longer, you should know how to clean the tombstone and assess the necessity of maintaining. The first thing you have to do is ask if the stone really needs maintaining.

Marble and other materials will fade naturally over time, and each wash can damage the stone, even if you are very gentle. If the stones do not need cleaning, you can find other ways to commemorate their memory. If the stone is soiled with mud or other material, then clean it up. Just be aware that once you start cleaning the stone, you will find that you need to do it regularly.

Harsh chemicals can damage stones. Choose mild, mild soaps. Buy non-ionic cleanser. Non-ionic soap does not contain rough salts that can damage the tombstone.


If you see signs of damage, You should be very careful to clean to keep it last longer..

Once you have inspected the stone, you can begin a real maintaining. Follow the instructions on your cleanser. Mix it with the proper water. Wet your sponge in your bucket and gently wipe off the stone surface. When you remove the first layer of dust or dirt, you can use your brush. Wet your brushes and use them to gently scrub each part of the stone and remove some fungal substances


It is important that you know what type of stones you are dealing with and that different types require different maintaining methods. Marble needs a lighter treatment than granite. Pre-wet stones with water. Repeat this process every 18 months. Regular cleaning can roughen the marble. Limestone is another popular choice for tombstones. Use lime to clean limestone.

Ask an expert. The expert can tell you the approximate age of the stone. He will also be able to determine the material clearly and be informed of the correct maintaining method and frequency.

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