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What Is Paving/Cobblestone/cube

Jul 18, 2018

Since the beginning of civilization, man has felt the need to travel. Whether long distance or local, civilizations around the world constructed roads, paved with varied materials. Cobblestones have been a popular choice for streets and sidewalks for centuries.


Paving/Cobblestone/cube are made from highly durable stones, usually granite or basalt. They were usually dug from nearby areas and then cobbled, or roughly shaped into the size needed. The cobblestones were then set in sand or mortar. Sand allows the road to gently give to traffic, preventing the cracking associated with pavement or asphalt. Streets paved with cobblestones have proven their durability and longevity by showing up through worn out sections of paved roads throughout the world.

The term cobble is a geological term used to describe a stone of a particular size, which is approximately 100-200 millimeters). Colors range from grey to black to purple, depending on the origin of the stone. Patterns in cobblestone streets depend on the creativity of the workers who designed the streets and installed the cobblestones.


Paving/Cobblestone/cube uses: Pebbles are widely used in public buildings, villas, garden buildings, paved roads, parks rockery, bonsai filling materials, garden art and other senior superstructure. Carry forward the ancient oriental culture, but also reflects the Western classical, elegant, return to basics style. Applies to: hotels, commercial buildings, exhibition halls, gardens, swimming pools, sidewalks, garden trails, walls and other landscape construction. Highlighting the harmony, upscale, elegant color.


The main color Paving/Cobblestone/cube is RED, BLACK, YELLOW, Light GRAY, PINK, DARK GREY.

Grey Cobble

yellow cobble

Black Cobble 

Red cobble

2. Common size: 9x9cm, 9x9cm, 10x10cm,15x30cm,14x21cm,20x20cm, 40x20cm,30x30cm,60x30ccm or as per specification. Thickness common available from 2cm – 10cm

3. Finished: Fine picked, natural split, axed, sawn, bush hammered, flamed and water-sandblasted
meshed cobble


4. Packing: Strong Wooden crates/Pallet

6. Suitable area: Outdoor paving: Garden, Park, Shiping center, Square etc.

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