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What Is Porphyry

Oct 18, 2018

Porphyry derives from the Greek porphyry, the meaning of purplish red, which originally refers to any igneous rock with phenocrysts. It was first used in a purple red rock with alkaline feldspar phenocrysts. Some people think that it is synonymous with porphyry.

 grey porphyry

Porphyry is a kind of neutral, acidic or alkaline igneous rock with porphyry structure (either intrusive or extrusive). They are usually scattered among fine crystalline minerals called "matrix" and usually refer to extrusive rocks and epigenetic rocks with alkaline feldspar as phenocrysts and matrix as fine grains or cryptocrystals. Porphyry is a porphyritic igneous rock which is relatively strong and can be used as building material. Phenocrysts are usually composed of alkali feldspar or quartz, and the matrix is fine or cryptic crystal (vitreous body).

 green porphyry

Generally refers to the alkaline feldspar or quartz as the porphyry of the extrusive rocks and epigenetic rocks, matrix for fine or cryptocrystalline - vitreous. The extrusive rocks can be divided into rhyolite porphyry, trachyte porphyry, leucite porphyry, etc. The epigenetic rocks can be divided into quartz porphyry, granite porphyry, syenite porphyry and so on. The term porphyry originally refers to igneous rocks with porphyry or porphyry structure, which can be described as granite porphyry, diorite porphyry and so on according to matrix composition.

 red porphyry

Porphyry and porphyry are the products of two-stage crystallization of magma, and porphyry is the product of crystallization in the deeper part of the earth's crust in the early stage of magma, and the matrix is the product of crystallization in the shallower part of the earth's crust in the late stage. The minerals associated with porphyry and porphyry are copper, molybdenum, tungsten and iron deposits. Porphyry and porphyrite are only distinguished in China, but there is no distinction between them.

brown porphyry