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What Is Slate

Jun 26, 2018

Aesthetic value

The popularity of slate in the home, including indoor and outdoor, owes much to the aesthetic value of slate. Its unique surface provides a variety of design and color, and all of these are natural. The difference between brick and brick makes the bathroom unique. However, different colors and designs do not lead to inconsistent patterns. In fact, this will only increase the beauty of slate bricks, because they give people a different feeling, which is the other floor tiles can not be achieved, even if the same as natural stone bricks.



The slate brick is the ideal material for the bathroom, and there is another main advantage, which is that it is very wearable. This is also the reason why many people recommend the installation of slate floor in the high flow area. In some cases, some owners complain about "road map" slate on the floor, which leads to frequent stream of people around the slate formation of wear pits. This is not true. It is important to point out that the cause of this traffic map is the maintenance agent used regularly on slate tiles. To know the care of this special floor tile, the curing agent must be recorded to know which type is compatible with that.

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If the selected stone surface is correct, then slate tiles can maintain natural skid resistance. Otherwise, it's dangerous when it's wet. Nevertheless, the skid resistance of slate tiles mainly depends on its rugged surface.

If inadequate maintenance, slate brick is easy to fade. The infiltration of a large amount of water will lead to the appearance of slate bricks. Therefore, the slate should not be installed in the humid areas for a long time. In some places, such as showers, it can be replaced by other materials or regularly used with proper curing agent maintenance.

Slate tiles, of course, are not perfect and have no drawbacks. As time goes by, they crack. Nevertheless, slate bathroom floor material is the most sought after material in bathroom floor industry.


Main uses


Slate stone is mainly used in the construction industry, slate stone is better than the general artificial covering materials, moisture-proof, wind resistant, with thermal insulation. Slate roofs can last hundreds of years. MCM slate is safe, ecological and environmentally friendly.

Floor and exterior wall

Slate flooring is used for exterior floors, interior floors and exterior walls. Slate floors are usually laid out in corridors, basements and kitchens. The indoor slate floor is durable, versatile and beautiful in appearance. Homeowners can use slate to make interior decoration a unique environment. The indoor floor is polished slate slate, can also be a natural style and color, the color is very rich, mainly in the ash, such as gray yellow, grey red, gray, gray, 256 kinds of color set. Outdoor slate floors can be free slate or slate tiles. Random slate can be of different shapes, such as solitary, trapezoid, parallelogram.


Slate is often used in various residential and commercial landscaping projects because of its weather resistance and pollution resistance. Often used to pave the path, decorate the pool surrounding, including the exterior wall, and even courtyard. Slate and stone can also be used as fountains, combining traditional and modern styles.

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Common Thickness: 12mm,15mm, 20mm, 30mm,


Cut to size : 200x200mm, 400x200mm, 600x300mm, 300x300mm or as per your requrest .