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What Kind Of Sculpture We Have

Aug 29, 2018

Statue/Figure/Sculpture is almost as old as mankind itself. Human beings are important symbols of advanced animals. They are manufacturing tools, and more importantly, creating images. In fact, stone tools in the stone age is a form of sculpture, and when people know can put thoughts and desires with solid physical performance, have led to a great progress from the ground to the stone stone sculpture. One of the first sculptures to be found in the world, at least twenty thousand years old, Venus of the statue of Sharon, is carved with limestone. In a large cave in ancientChina, cliff, tomb sculpture and architectural sculpture, stone carving is the most. Such as the Qin Dynasty stone whale, Yungang Grottoes, Longmen Grottoes and other existing carving materials as marble, granite, stone, sandstone stone etc.. Because the Chinese stone reserves are very rich and can be preserved for a long time, stone carving has become a major monument, city sculpture, garden sculpture, decorative sculpture of the main art varieties.

figure sculpture

Choice of materials: select stone is a stone carving works must not be regarded as an important link. The hardness of stone, the density of stone layer and the impurity in stone will directly influence the success or failure of the work. In the selection process, to do because of Shi yi. According to the size of the work, the style of the painting, the placement of the works, the environment, the use of different sources of different colors, stones of different textures for artistic processing, sculpture. In ninth Century,Italybecame the main Carrara marble mining. Sculpture master Michelangelo personally to Carrara marble carving his works to choose. Now opened in Carrara marble mining class to an art school, studying marble mining technology. A sculptor or veteran artist who has a solid experience in sculpture is generally supposed to judge the quality of stones by practical experience.  "see": To observe the rock open cross-section, such as color, uniform, Kennedy dense texture, delicate, is good. Conversely, the colors are uneven, mottled, visible, and the cross section is serrated. Stone difference. In short, with no cracks, stains and red line defects such as timber for qualified. In addition, in order to observe the stone whether the above requirements, available water poured in at the site, it's easier to identify stone deterioration. (two): "listen to" knock gently with a stone hammer, Dangdang ringing voice, such as stone; sound dull, it is proved that the hidden line (such as bucket, sand hole, stone hole, stone sent nuclear etc.). But in winter, when picking materials, pay attention to the cracks in the ice, we can not just tap the sound, we must rely on "see" to examine carefully, in order to identify stone quality.

animal sculpture

The process of stone carving:Chinaancient stone is the stone carving artists, inherited carving techniques, design their own (often, his drawings) Diaozao, independently. So far, many stone artists still use this method, such as carved traditional figures, animals. There are also a few artists familiar with the Western sculpture law, stone sculpture directly on the west of the human body. The rise of China's urban sculpture, design and model of many large and medium-sized stone carving in directly by the sculptor, after the stone factory by Shi Bo processed, the process and the carving technique requirements are relatively high, the carving procedure consists of the following steps:  a shortage: also called "wild" the rough blank stone chipping away the excess part. To the beginning of a general outline of the stage. The process of further playing the basic shape of a decent relationship is called "driving waste."". General processing hit the plaster model body about 1 cm, called "open small shortage."". Three sometimes alternately, the tools used for large, medium and small chisel. (two) play thin: cut out the remaining parts of the "small shortage", focus on portraying the image and identifying the subtle changes in the structure of the shape. Art is an important stage for the treatment of stone statues, use the tools for tooth chisel, flat chisel, stone file, this is the last stage of stone carving, carved, smooth, need patience. (three) grinding: on the basis of fine stone carving, grinding materials are used for grinding, and after polishing, the stone material points can be displayed, which adds luster to the stone carving works and enhances the artistic appeal of the work. The grinding tools and materials polishing machine, grinding wheel, cloth, sandpaper, water sandpaper, chromium oxide, polishing paste etc.. Such a procedure is carried out according to the art effect, some are, some partial polishing grinding body.