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What Size Fireplace Mantel

Jan 25, 2018

Fireplace Mantel

Originally used in western countries, the fireplace has a decorative effect and considerable practical value, which is extremely popular in Northern Europe. And according to different countries, culture is divided into: Finland style, Russian style, American fireplace, English fireplace, French fireplace, Spanish style, so different shapes. The basic structure of the fireplace includes: fireplace mantel and fireplace core, flue. Fireplace mantel plays a decorative role. The fireplace core plays a practical role, the flue for exhaust.

The fireplace mantelis somewhat mysterious due to its connection to the chimney, which is a passageway connecting the outside world to the interior world. When the fire door is closed in the summer, people also wonder how they want to know what they are hidden inside because when the fire door is closed Formed a very convenient storage cellar. When many children paint houses, we can be surprised to find that all of these innocent paintings have chimneys, and the mysterious fireplace underneath the chimneys shows that the fire and the fireplace in children's subconscious are An intimate factor.

The conventional processing of fireplace mantel are: Polished, Honed, etc.

Common size of fireplace mantelas below:

130*30*110 cm;

120*35*100 cm;

140*35*120 cm;

150*35*120 cm;

160*35*120 cm, etc,.

Installation points and precautions of fireplace mantel:

When installing a new fireplace mantel, you need to determine the best installation location for your house. More suitable installation location is the living room, European culture, the fireplace is the heart of the traditional living room. The installation location is generally three forms: one in the middle of the partition wall; the other in the outer wall and the inner wall of the normal foot Yin feet, the two behind the room, there must be close to another wall fireplace, they share The same flue; The third is a prominent independent position in the hall, the upper and lower fireplaces are generally aligned. In accordance with safety regulations, the fireplace needs to be hermetically sealed, that is, it has its own air intake and exhaust passage to eliminate indoor pollution.

Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace Mantel