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Where Did Headstones Originate

Apr 26, 2019

Where Did Headstones Originate

After a person dies and is buried, the next most important work is to set up a monument.Generally, erecting tombstones is the key point of making tombs, and erecting tombstones is the first step of making tombs.Geomantic on the tradition has "with stele be toward" view, namely with the form of stele and the direction of midline decide good or bad luck;ยท therefore, in the process of grave building, stele building is not anytime and anywhere.The steles of a tomb must be chosen according to the auspicious direction of feng shui. According to the past custom, the date and time of breaking ground are selected for the work of building a tomb, and the date of burial is not too close (unless specially processed). This is to allow the rain to combine the earth, so that the steles are not easily dented.

As the tombstone is an important part of the identity of the deceased, feng shui arrangements are also extremely cautious, feng shui masters and their families will not be buried immediately after the monument.In addition to possibly considering the color and orientation of the tablet in accordance with feng shui, they also give people a period of time to think about the words and meaning of the inscription before the tablet is erected.Therefore, in addition to the need for feng shui, choosing the right day and time also gives us enough time to think about the contents of the inscription.

Chinese gravestone inscriptions have a set of traditional rules and a specific basic format.The inscription must give the name of the deceased's native place, identity, descendants, burial of the gold or the date of the restoration of the tombstone.Since fengshui was chosen for posterity when the tombs and steles were built, the fengshui situation should also be explained by steles.

In addition, the height and width of the tombstone and the size of the font are also limited by the traditional belief that good luck and bad luck are determined by the dinlan ruler.Ding LAN's feet are about 38.01cm in length, and each foot is divided into 10 squares. According to the inscription, "wealth, loss, prosperity, death, official, justice, bitterness, prosperity, harm, T", etc.All the words of the tombstone must be arranged in the area in accordance with the dingran terengganu.

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