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Which Black Granite Is The Best ?

Jan 25, 2018

What is Black Granite? Black granite is a form of rock which may be diabase, basalt or gabbro. It is a popular building material which is used for both interior and exterior applications with colors ranging from pure black with little striations or blacks with a combination of secondary colors of white, gray and blue, brown, green or gold. Its most common type is the Absolute Black granite and the Black Pearl granite. The resilience and durability of black granite makes it a popular choice for kitchen countertop material.

Granite Gallery: This is a collection of black granite colors, featuring more than a hundred choices for your inspiration. Scroll down to see more.

Versatility: Black granites fit equally well in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Regardless of style, a black countertop can add a luxurious feel to your kitchen without forcing you into a particular color scheme.

Pros and Cons: Many of the darker granites are extra dense and less likely to absorb stains, which can make them easier to maintain. That said, dust and crumbs can stand out and black ants tend to disappear on the surface, so keeping the surface tidy can be a frequent task. If you've ever owned a black car, you know that awesome looks do require a bit more TLC.

Top Choices: Popular black granite colors include Shanxi blackAbsolute BlackBlack GalaxyNero Africa, China Impala BlackG684, You can see samples of some of these popular granite colors at just about any slab yard in your area.

Important Caveat: While black granite tends to be more consistent than others, most granite varies quite a bit from batch to batch. Some of these granite colors will not be available at your local yard, so stay open to new ideas and enjoy the search!