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With What Method Can Improve The Hardness And Gloss Of Artificial Stone Surface?

May 28, 2016

To make artificial stone products have comparative perfect appearance, after curing processing is very important. The so-called after solidification treatment is to man-made stone products in a certain temperature, heat preservation for hours. In general, the strength of the polyester resin curing after demoulding only about 50% of the maximum intensity, to fully cure needs a few weeks or months, and the final solidification can make the artificial stonework increase strength and water resistance. Use after curing processing can overcome the deformation, cracking and other defects, improve the surface of the water resistance, heat shock, increase the strength of the matrix resin, improve the hardness and gloss of products, prolong service life. Defects after the curing cycle is too long, it is recommended to use the most advanced artificial stone surface UV coating process, instant drying ?