Baby Gravestone

Baby Gravestone:It is natural stone material or artificial stone material normally, with marble granite is first selection material.

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Baby Gravestone

The inscription on the tombstone should also conform to the auspicious Numbers on the ruler.Usually between 10cm or 10.5cm for large type and 3cm or 4cm for small type.10 cm up chunks.10.5 cm fortune.3 cm's wealth.4 cm pass civil examinations.The size of these words is in harmony with the proportion of the body of the tablet, which also implies auspiciousness.The grave owner's family, can obtain the consolation in the psychology.

Tombstone stone selection, the past marble white marble, can not withstand wind and rain, easy to weathering.Now it has been replaced by a series of fine, bright and hard granite.Among the granite with gorgeous colors and solid materials, Indian red, pearl white and shanxi black are favored by customers.Indian red, a symbol of noble, gorgeous, red time, brilliant cause;Pearl white, a symbol of purity, elegant, gorgeous life, endless sorrow;Shanxi black, a symbol of solemn, dignified, immortal spirit, deep memory.

Tombstone writing, its content is rich.Including feng shui, place of birth, name, identity, date of birth and death, children and grandchildren, monument, burial or re-burial date.

The main product description on the baby's tombstone:

1. Product NameBaby Gravestone
2. StylesEuropea Style
3. Size Standard and customized size available, for custom-sizes,contact us for further details.
4. SurfacePolished , carved, honed, natural split, sandblasted, etc...
5.MaterialG664/G654/G603,Olive green, Paradiso, Auroru, Bahama blue,Multi-color red, Cat-eyes,Shanxi Black, Carara White...
6.PackingStrong wooden crate ourside ,with plastic wraped inside.
7. ServiceOwn factories adn strict quality control, competitive price, CAD drawing design, prompt quoting and delivery.
8.Delivery 20-30 days after deposite.
9.Payment Terms Normlly, by T/T,  30% deposit as confirming order, balance before shipment. L/C also available.

After the death of a person, if the tomb, most have tombstone text.Tombstone inscription is generally engraved with the name of the deceased, birthplace, achievements, date of death and the name of the monument and the relationship with the deceased.Write an inscription in honor and affection of the dead.In the 22nd year of the republic of China, yuan ke set up a tombstone in the town of suizhou in henan province.Monuments, eight feet high, dumpling on therefore, straining under high about zhang yu, it is called system."

The main product picture on the baby's tombstone:

American Style Tombstone one 3