Belgium Style Gravestone

An artistic cemetery close to the biblical paradise.

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Belgium Style Gravestone

Cemeteries have cast shadows over many people's childhoods, and ghosts, which adults are fond of talking about, are said to come out after sunset and disappear before sunrise.The litterator-pu songling of the qing dynasty even did his best to imagine, and wrote down the various worlds where people became ghosts after they died.For most people, the grimy remains of the hills and even the tree-lined cemeteries are haunted hades.

Autumn had just entered the Belgian cemetery.Yellowing leaves swirl and fall on thick layers of sculpture before sliding gently toward the sarcophagus.Under the sun, mottled colors, charming to a tomb shining a picturesque.This arthouse is close to the biblical paradise.

As I walked through the corridor of the tomb, I passed by the resting masters. The spiritual temperature of the underground masters warmed the cold stone monuments, and the cemetery became a warm and peaceful place.Children chasing after each other, old people reading attentively, and lovers openly expressing their love make me sigh that this is a place where the dead and the living coexist harmoniously. There is no special boundary between life and death.For the Catholic French, death was known as "sleep in the arms of the Lord," enjoying "eternity in heaven."Every true believer believes that they will rise to heaven under the guidance of angels, because they loved everyone around them on the basis of their love for god.

Belgian style gravestone features an illustration:


Belgium Style Gravestone

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Multi Color Red, Impala Black etc.

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TT or 100% LC at sight


Packed with foam and bundle inside and fumigated wooden crates outside.

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Within 20-35days after the order was confirmed and we received the goods deposit.

Belgian style tombstone features a product display:

Belgium Tombstone one 2

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