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The most famous landmark on the ancient battlefield of Waterloo is the lion rock.

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Belgium Style Monument

The site of the battle of Waterloo, near the town of Waterloo at the end of the sawani forest about 20 kilometers south of the Belgian capital Brussels.At the top of the 43-meter-high conical lion mountain, a vivid iron lion is placed, which is the symbol of the ancient battlefield of Waterloo.During my visit to Europe, I had the honor to visit this ancient battlefield.

The battle of Waterloo took place on June 18, 1815.He led three of his troops into battle: napoleon, the French emperor; Wellington, the British duke; and blucher, the Prussian marshal.Napoleon was on one side, with 74,000 men and 246 guns;Wellington and blucher, the combined chiefs, formed the other side, with 67,000 men and 184 cannons.The two sides fought a bloody day on the 2.25km front, leaving the bodies of 27,000 French and 22,000 coalition soldiers.In the end, the anglo-dutch and Prussian armies under the command of the duke of Wellington defeated napoleon here, thus ending the legend's history in Europe.

The duke of Wellington, though victorious in the end, saw the carnage on the battlefield and said, "victory is the greatest tragedy after defeat!"Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo marked the end of his political life, ending dramatically on st. Helena, a desolate island in the Atlantic ocean.

The most famous landmark on the ancient battlefield of Waterloo is the lion rock.

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Belgium Style Monument

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