Belgium Style Tombstone

Cemeteries often give people a sense of fear, and the weird and complicated decorations on tombstones make the whole cemetery more daunting.However, when you see the following gravestones, you have to sigh, each gravestone is a work of art, and each work of art has a memorable story.

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Belgium Style Tombstone

A sheer 226 stone steps lead to the summit of the mountain, giving a sweeping view of the battle site of Waterloo and the city of Brussels.Not far from the Waterloo monument is a bronze statue of napoleon.In order to protect the historical relics, farming is forbidden around the battlefield sites.

It is worth mentioning that Hugo was a compatriot of napoleon.On May 15, 1861, Hugo came to Waterloo, found a hotel and stayed there for two months.He traveled to the places where the fighting took place, and he recorded the people, events and personal thoughts of the people he interviewed. He wrote a chapter of his novel les miserables, which is more than 50 pages long.Among them are two well-known sayings: "second-rate general won the first-class battle";"Defeat ennobles the failure, and Bonaparte, fallen, seems taller than napoleon, standing."

Hugo's famous chapter on the battle of Waterloo in les miserables is no less famous than sushi's red cliff reminisce.The belgians were grateful for Hugo's work on the battle of Waterloo.After the guesthouse where Hugo stayed was destroyed in 1962, the belgians erected a towering cylindrical monument in place to express their deep nostalgia for Hugo.

Similar monuments include a roadside inn four kilometers south of route 5 that napoleon used as a command center and spent a night there.Now, this is the napoleon memorial.Napoleon said, "there are only two powers, the sword and the mind.In the long run the sword always loses to the mind.

Every five years, the battle scenes are recreated at the site, with more than 2,000 locals performing.A visit to the ancient battlefield of Waterloo is, at best, an edification of the mind.

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Belgium Style Tombstone

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European Style Tombstone 富文本 1

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