Double Headstones For Graves

1.Packing: Strong wooden crate with plastic foam
2.Certificate; CE, ISO
3.Origin: China

Product Details

Basic Info.

1)Popular Granite Material for Double headstones for graves:

Aurora, Multicolor Red, Sesame White, Absolute Black, Vizag Blue, Ever green, Juparana, Blue Pearl, Dark Grey G654, Imperald Green, Olive Green, Impala, G664, India Black


2)Dimension: as per detailed specification, design drawing


3)Packing: Strong wooden crate with plastic foam

4)Certificate; CE, ISO

5)Origin: China

Double headstones are using for for graves Memorial.


We fabricate double headstones for graves for Russian style, American style, Poland style, Romania double bed style, Austria style, Germany style, Hungary style and Australia style.

The stone used for the double headstones for graves is pure, durable, corrosion-proof, weatherproof and crack-free, and it is stable enough when placed outdoors. Granite, as a kind of granular natural stone, undoubtedly satisfies the above requirements.


The granites commonly used in modern double headstones are black, gray, red, blue, green and white, which have the same color as the surface color, and are glossy and colorless lines and scars. The shape and size of each double headstones for graves are different, so it is not entirely possible to use the processing equipment of the assembly line. Instead, it is only possible to use different instruments according to the different shapes of various accessories of the double headstones for graves. Therefore, the selection of Double headstonesis particularly important.

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