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The arc DE triomphe is one of the most famous monuments in Paris.

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French Style Monuments

The arc DE triomphe is one of the most famous monuments in Paris.A junction formed by twelve radiating channels.The arc and the plaza are located between blocks 16, 17 and 8, respectively.The arc DE triomphe arch should not be confused with the smaller arch, which is located to the west of the Louvre.The arc DE triomphe commemorates those who fought and died for France in the French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. The names of all French victories and generals are inscribed on its inside and outside.Beneath the grave is the tomb of the unknown soldier of world war I.

The arc DE triomphe was designed by jean chargreen in 1806 as a unifying element at the heart of the axe monument, and its iconic design allows French youths to bravely stand naked against the bearded gil.The berserker in the mail chain.It sets the tone for public monuments with a triumphant patriotic message.

The arch of the arc DE triomphe in Paris was the highest arch in Mexico City, standing 67 meters high, before the completion of the la vorucci monument in Mexico City in 1938.Pyongyang's triumphal arch, built in 1982, is 60 meters high.The Lagrange arch near Paris is 110 meters high in the defense of lade.Although it was not named the arc DE triomphe, it was designed on the same model and at the same Angle as the arc DE triomphe.It is entitled to be the highest arch in the world.

The arc is located on the right bank of the Seine, at the center of a twelve-sided radiating passage.In 1806, emperor napoleon won the battle of auster, and napoleon was at his peak.It took two years to lay the foundations alone, and in 1810, when napoleon and his bride, archduke Mary Louis of Austria, entered Paris from the west, he built a wooden model of a complete arch.Architect jean chagrin died in 1811 and his work was taken over by jean-nicolas huyot.

Product NameFrench Style Monuments
MaterialsGranite, Marble, Sandstone, Limestone,Basalt, etc
ColorsBlack,White,Grey,Red,Pink,Purple ,Blue,Green ,etc
Stone Choice
Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Shanxi Black, Indian Black, India Red,G603, G633, G9402, G654, Aurora,Abbey Grey, Imperial Red, Ruby Red,Vizag Blue, Tropical Green, Olive Green, Parodiso, Bahama Blue, Tan Brown, Pink, Mahagony,White Marble,etc.
Popular DesignMarker,Slant,Upright Headstone,Angel Headstone,Single Headstone,Double Headstone,Special Carving Headstone,Rose Headstone,Tree Headstone,Custom Statues
1--42" x 6/8" x 24/30/36" (Headstone)   58" x 12" x 6" (Base)
2--36" x 6/8" x 24/30/36" (Headstone)   42" x 12" x 6" (Base)
3--30" x 6/8" x 24/30/36" (Headstone)   36" x 12" x 6" (Base)
4--24" x 4/6" x 24/28" (Headstone)        30" x 12" x 6" (Base)
5--30" x 3" x 24" (Headstone)                30" x 12" x 3"(Base)
6--Marker:24"/30"/36"/42"/ x 12"/16"/18" x 3"-10"
7--Vases:4" x 4" x 10" ; 6" x 6 x10" ;  7.5" x 7.5" x 12".

Other Customized Size are Available

UsageCemetery, Garden, Park
FinishPolished, Honed, Natural Split, Sanded, Carved, Etched,Flamed,etc.
AdvantageRich Colors Available , One Stop Service, Free CAD,Timely Delivery,No MOQ

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