Germany Style Headstones

Cemeteries are the back gardens for the deceased to rest in peace. It is our most important duty to respect the wishes of the deceased and satisfy the feelings of the family.

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Germany Style Headstones

Tombstones come in many shapes and sizes, many of which are elaborately carved and more like works of art.Some are like a small rockery, some are a cross, some are made into a semicircle, and some are made into a rectangular.The epitaph is usually simple and to the point, with only the name, birth and time of death of the deceased.There are no photos or names of spouses that are often seen on Chinese tombstones, and the life stories of the deceased are not inscribed on the back of the tombstones.From the date of birth and death on the tombstones, we can see that the cemeteries in the cemetery have been built over a long period of time. Even some of the tombstones in the 19th century have been built.These cemeteries also have no one to take care of them for a long time. The grass is ankle-high.

Most cemeteries (whether family or individual) are designed to follow Da Vinci's golden section, with strict professional requirements on the types, shapes and proportions of flowers, vegetation, decorations and gravestones.Some relatives of the deceased also demand feng shui principles in their designs, but most cemeteries are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and harmonious.In most cases, the deceased's family will communicate with the engineer or florist in charge of the cemetery design in advance, mainly to inform the deceased of his special preferences and wishes in front of him, such as his favorite vegetation or special hobbies.For example, if the deceased had been more punk in front of them, a florist might have designed the flowers in the cemetery to look like a red "cockscomb".For example, if the deceased loved to play golf, the graveyard vegetation might be paved with a piece of green grass, interspersed with some kind of white flowers, and when the time comes, white flowers are just like white golf balls.Cemeteries are the back gardens for the deceased to rest in peace. Respecting the wishes of the deceased and satisfying the feelings of family members are our most important duties!"

German style tombstone products detailed introduction:

NameGermany Style Headstones
MaterialGrey Granite
SizeHead: H40"x44"x10"/Base: H5"x46"x14"
As per your requirement
Surface FinishPolished
DeliveryAbout 25 days after received the deposit
PackingFumigated wooden crate protect outside and foam protect inside
Sea PortXiamen, Fujian, China
Extra ServiceLettering, sandblast, door to door delivery

German style tombstone product style picture:

Germany monumen one 1

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