Graveside Memorials

Graveside Memorials:It is natural stone material or artificial stone material normally, with marble granite is first selection material.

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Graveside Memorials

Cemetery is a kind of burial form type of cemetery. With the development of The Times, modern cemetery construction needs to move towards the direction of landscape, art, three-dimensional, personalized and industrialization.Pingtan Oriental kylin park and other outstanding cemetery, also have been built.

In most cultures, it was the family's duty to provide a burial place for the dead, because it was widely believed that kinship survived death.In the bible, the land that Abraham bought from the hittites was characterized by caves in which he could bury the dead of his family.
The site of a family's grave is often chosen: in China, a feng shui master selects the site for a windy area.Cemeteries may also be considered "sacred" or forbidden.In countries such as Japan and Mexico, cemeteries are places of worship for the dead on certain occasions.In other countries, and in other religious communities, cemeteries are desolate and sparsely populated.Locations with good water quality;South koreans traditionally ask soil diviners to select auspicious land, so that "evil spirits evil spirits" can not be seen.The desire to reunite with their ancestors has always been very strong, Asian filial son sometimes at the expense of the remains of their ancestors back to Japan or China for burial;In the western world, it is common to "bring home" the dead by air, rail and sea.
Even in cases where a tribe or community is responsible for providing a cemetery, burial in a community cemetery is an enviable privilege.Outsiders may live in towns or cities, but they cannot be buried in their cemeteries.Ancient jews, Romans, and other peoples established special cemeteries for the burial of criminals, aliens, and the poor.In Europe, convicted witches and murderers, as well as those who committed suicide, were not allowed to be buried in cemeteries from the middle ages until the 1890s.

Cemetery monument of the main products:

1. Product NameGraveside Memorials
2. StylesEuropea Style
3. Size Standard and customized size available, for custom-sizes,contact us for further details.
4. SurfacePolished , carved, honed, natural split, sandblasted, etc...
5.MaterialG664/G654/G603,Olive green, Paradiso, Auroru, Bahama blue,Multi-color red, Cat-eyes,Shanxi Black, Carara White...
6.PackingStrong wooden crate ourside ,with plastic wraped inside.
7. ServiceOwn factories adn strict quality control, competitive price, CAD drawing design, prompt quoting and delivery.
8.Delivery 20-30 days after deposite.
9.Payment Terms Normlly, by T/T,  30% deposit as confirming order, balance before shipment. L/C also available.

Pictures of the main products of the cemetery monument:

Germany monumen one 2