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Turkmenistan Tombstone supplier:A memorial to the burial place of the dead, usually made of stone, but also made of wood, metal and other materials.

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Turkmenistan Tombstone supplier

With an area of 491,200 square kilometers, turkmenistan is the second largest central Asian country after kazakhstan, ranking 52nd in the world.
Turkmenistan is a landlocked country in southwest central Asia.It borders the Caspian sea in the west, kazakhstan in Eurasia in the north, uzbekistan in the northeast, Afghanistan in the east and Iran in the south.It has a strong continental climate and is one of the driest regions in the world.
Turkmenistan's coastline near the Caspian sea is 1,768 kilometers long, and goods are exported by water through the volga and don rivers in Russia.

Most of the territory is lowland, plain above sea level more than 200 meters, 80% of the territory is covered by the karakum desert.To the south and west are the copet mountains and the palotmiz mountains.The main rivers are the amu river, the jezhan river, the murgab river and the atlek river, mainly in the east.As one of the largest irrigation and navigable canals in the world, the karakum canal is 1,450 kilometers long and irrigates an area of about 300,000 hectares.

Turkmenistan is rich in mineral resources, mainly oil, natural gas, mirabilite, iodine, non-ferrous and rare metals.According to official data released by Turkey, its prospective oil and gas reserves are 20.8 billion tons and 24.6 trillion cubic meters, ranking first in the world.The oil and gas industry is a pillar industry of turkmenistan.The main crops include cotton, wheat and rice.Turkmen are good at weaving carpets and are famous for their fine wool.

Turkmenistan tombstone supplier's main products:

1. Product NameTurkmenistan Tombstone supplier
2. StylesEuropea Style
3. Size Standard and customized size available, for custom-sizes,contact us for further details.
4. SurfacePolished , carved, honed, natural split, sandblasted, etc...
5.MaterialG664/G654/G603,Olive green, Paradiso, Auroru, Bahama blue,Multi-color red, Cat-eyes,Shanxi Black, Carara White...
6.PackingStrong wooden crate ourside ,with plastic wraped inside.
7. ServiceOwn factories adn strict quality control, competitive price, CAD drawing design, prompt quoting and delivery.
8.Delivery 20-30 days after deposite.
9.Payment Terms Normlly, by T/T,  30% deposit as confirming order, balance before shipment. L/C also available.

Pictures of major products from turkmenistan tombstone suppliers:

Russia Style Tombstone one 2

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