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Kazakhstan Tombstone Supplier:A memorial to the burial place of the dead, usually made of stone, but also made of wood, metal and other materials.

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Turkmenistan Tombstone Suppliers

The flag of turkmenistan is one of the most complicated flags in the world. The flag is a rectangle with a length to width ratio of 3:2. The ground of the flag is dark green.Green is a traditional color favored by turkmen, while white symbolizes peace and kindness.The new moon symbolizes a bright future;The five stars symbolize the five organ functions of human beings.Seeing, hearing, smelling, smelling, touching;It also symbolizes the five regions of the country: arhar, barkan, leibap, mahre, and dachouz.The five corners of a pentacle symbolize the state of matter in the universe: solid, liquid, gaseous, crystalline and plasma;The combination of the moon and the star is a sign of Islam.

One side of the flagpole has a red vertical broadband through the flag, broadband from top to bottom with five kinds of carpet pattern, each pattern is a group of flowers, some with color staggered form four equal.In carpet, large rose pattern repeats commonly become column or form grid pattern, put in the center of design, small rose pattern appears on edge.The carpet pattern symbolizes the traditional concepts and religious beliefs of the turkmen people. It also reflects the national habits of the turkmen people and is part of their traditional nomadic life.

Five tapestries with olive branches underneath (symbolizing statehood).In 1995, turkmen President saparmurat niyazov announced a policy of neutrality, which was unanimously adopted by the United Nations general assembly on 12 December 1995. To commemorate this historic event, an olive branch was added at the bottom of the five carpet designs.The constitution was also amended: "the flag of turkmenistan is a symbol of unity, independence and victory."

Main description of products from turkmenistan tombstone supplier:

1. Product NameKazakhstan Tombstone Supplier
2. StylesEuropea Style
3. Size Standard and customized size available, for custom-sizes,contact us for further details.
4. SurfacePolished , carved, honed, natural split, sandblasted, etc...
5.MaterialG664/G654/G603,Olive green, Paradiso, Auroru, Bahama blue,Multi-color red, Cat-eyes,Shanxi Black, Carara White...
6.PackingStrong wooden crate ourside ,with plastic wraped inside.
7. ServiceOwn factories adn strict quality control, competitive price, CAD drawing design, prompt quoting and delivery.
8.Delivery 20-30 days after deposite.
9.Payment Terms Normlly, by T/T,  30% deposit as confirming order, balance before shipment. L/C also available.

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