Tomb Stones

Tomb Stones:A memorial to the burial place of the dead, usually made of stone, but also made of wood, metal and other materials.

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Tomb Stones

Sesame black 654, shanxi black and India red are the most common and high-quality gravestone materials.

Indian red granite compact structure, hard texture, acid and alkali resistance, good weather resistance, can be used outdoors for a long time.Granite is also characterized by its high load-bearing, compressive strength, excellent abrasive ductility, easy cutting and shaping, and the ability to create thin and large slabs for a variety of surface effects -- polishing, matte, fine grinding, fire, water knife treatment, and sand blasting.Generally used for the ground, steps, base, steps, cornice, etc., mostly used for outdoor wall, ground, cylindrical decoration.

Indian red mine near ILKAL KARNATAICA province in the south of India, about 500 km, from BANGALORE to mine generally have to travel from BANGALORE, generally to HESPET by train, and then transfer to the car, mines in general is located at the area on the ground, covering about 10 km2, with more than 10 mines, to the ground open pit mining way, mines distribution is concentrated.

Indian red stone material basically is structure of red bottom, without grain, according to color, crystal waits for different cent to wait for deep red, pink, big flower, in the flower, floret.This variety is relatively stable, in the same mine, its color, crystal, pattern and so on slightly change, the main defect has the black gall, the black grain, the red rib, the flower is not uniform, the crack and so on.The size of the block size.Among them, our country is more like with deep red bottom big flower, but the raw material that this wants is quite little.The average daily production amount is about 30~40m3, and there are several large mines, such as GME, MML and BTC, whose output is relatively large, but no more than 50m3/d every day.Let the ruler generally around 25cm, some mines only 10~15cm, if there is a defect can generally let the ruler.The MML gauge shall be the midpoint gauge for raw materials, and then a discount shall be given.

Tomb Stones of the main products:

1. Product NameTomb Stones
2. StylesEuropea Style
3. Size Standard and customized size available, for custom-sizes,contact us for further details.
4. SurfacePolished , carved, honed, natural split, sandblasted, etc...
5.MaterialG664/G654/G603,Olive green, Paradiso, Auroru, Bahama blue,Multi-color red, Cat-eyes,Shanxi Black, Carara White...
6.PackingStrong wooden crate ourside ,with plastic wraped inside.
7. ServiceOwn factories adn strict quality control, competitive price, CAD drawing design, prompt quoting and delivery.
8.Delivery 20-30 days after deposite.
9.Payment Terms Normlly, by T/T,  30% deposit as confirming order, balance before shipment. L/C also available.

Tomb Stones of the main product pictures:

European Style Tombstone one 3